Adult Courses


At Betty Ann Norton Theatre School, we offer a range of preparatory acting diploma classes:

(University Of West London and Trinity College of Music and Drama)

The Associate Diploma is completed in one year. The course includes voice class, drama class, mime class, and practical class where selections required for examination will be prepared. Team teaching with a wide range of students and a tutor is a required section of the course.

Diploma Courses are especially suited to
* Students who have completed Grades 7 or 8 and wish to receive a qualification after years of study of Speech and Drama.
* Teachers who require a Diploma with which they can teach Speech and Drama to children or adults in addition to their other subjects.
* Those who have worked in theatre (either amateur or professional) for many years, and now require a qualification to teach Speech and Drama and/or Acting.

Further information may be Viewed from the Universities’ websites: – and


(University Of West London and Trinity College of Music and Drama)

The requirements for Associate and Licentiate Diplomas in Acting are set by the board of Trinity Guildhall and may be downloaded from their website The course includes voice class, drama class and mime class,

The Diplomas awarded to successful candidates are A.T.C.L. and L.T.C.L.

Because of the detailed nature of these courses, we recommend that potential candidates access the relevant information from the College websites.

The Tutor for Voice is Betty Ann Norton

The Tutor for Mime is Grace Halton

The Tutors for Acting are Tanya Walsh and Paul Keogh


Mime is a module of Diploma Courses and Adult Acting Course

The course includes History and Origin of Mime, Mind & Body Integration, Body Think, Principles of Co-Ordination & Balance, techniques to aid Observation, Speed & Control of Reaction

The course also covers Creative Imagination & the use of Fantasy, Art Of The Clown, Deaf Language, Techniques of Breathing, Robotics, Fixed Point, Counterweight & Rhythm, Stage Falls, Stylised Falls, Slow Motion, Moon Walking & Walks on the spot.




Many of the tutors are writers or interested in writing, especially Betty Ann. All students are encouraged to write poetry, scripts for stage and film, plus talks and stories for their examination requirements. This is part of all our programmes.