Children's Classes

Children: Ages 3-8 (Montessori-1st Class)

Step 1 Speech and Drama (Ages 3-5 montessori-junior infants) This 1 hour class provides a great introduction to the world of speech and drama. Poetry speaking, mime, stories, improvisation, exercises for clear speech, and lots of fun games.

Step 2 Speech and Drama (Ages 6-8 senior infants-2nd class) This 90 minute class bridges the gap between step 1 and the junior class. With the options to take part in Feis Maitiu poetry competitions and an Initial speech and drama examination at the end of the year. 

Musical Theatre (30-45 mins) This class involves singing, dancing and acting with performance pieces and songs from Musicals. 

Children: Ages 8-13 (2nd – 6th Class)

Junior (Ages 8-10, 2nd-4th class) This 2.5 hour class is broken into the speech class — poetry speaking, exercises for clear speech, reading aloud, story-telling and public speaking — and drama class — group scenes, improvisation, mime, and character work. Exam Grades 1-3.

Half course options available. 

Advanced Junior (Ages 10-13 4th-6th class) A more advanced version of the above where the students play an active role in devising performance material. Exam Grades 3-4. 

Musical Theatre: This class involves singing, dancing and acting with performance pieces and songs from Musicals. Annual musical theatre group performances, participation in Feis Maitiu Musical Theatre and option to take Musical Theatre grade exams from Trinity College London. 

Film-Making: This class involves an introduction into the world of film-making. The students will learn all about how the film-making process works including camera angles, shots, sound effects, mise-en-seine. Write, direct and produce your own short film for presentation at our Mixed Bag recital and competitions. 

Creative Writing & Devising: Learn to write stories, poems, screenplays, plays and more. Storytelling and improvisation are taught as part of the development process. These can be entered into creative writing competitions, or form the basis of performance pieces for some of drama classes.

Registration for  Spring & Summer Terms 2022

We are now taking registrations of interest for our Spring & Summer Terms 2022. Due to popular demand and the need to keep class sizes small, we are offering both weekend and midweek classes for all age groups.

 We have classes for ages 3.5 to adult – for further information on specific terms classes and registration - click here
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