Communication skills

The Betty Ann Norton Theatre School has over 50 years experience in teaching voice, speech, drama, acting, mime, communications and film, providing a wide range of drama and speech classes.

We teach communication skills, confidence, and relaxation, so that your skills and qualifications are apparent and your personality emerges.

For Lectures, Talks, Book Reading, Speeches, for formal and informal occasions, Interviews and Auditions, we will work on your material, or assist you in preparing your presentation both vocal and physical, also your projection, articulation, modulation, poise and confidence.

Betty Ann Norton has designed and presented courses tailored to the following companies, Intel Ireland, The Irish Turf Board, The American College, and the IABA, in addition to working with individuals in a wide range of businesses and the arts




Many of the tutors are writers or interested in writing, especially Betty Ann. All students are encouraged to write poetry, scripts for stage and film, plus talks and stories for their examination requirements. This is part of all our programmes.

School Publications

“BRUSH UP YOUR THEORY” by Betty Ann Norton

To purchase: €7

A book covering theory from Grade 1 to Grade 4 in grade examinations for Trinity/Guildhall

BrushUpYourTheoryThis is a book about Theory
The subject makes most of us weary
Just brush up each rule
You’ll find them quite cool
And theory’s no longer so dreary.