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Developing social skills through children’s drama classes in Dublin


There are plenty of studies that show that the arts are an important part of boosting performance in all areas of life, including academics, yet these are the first programs that are cut from most schools. Unfortunately, all the benefits seem to get swept under the rug and forgotten, especially with all of the technological advances we have experienced.

Although we continue to embrace new technologies, holding on to the arts in all its forms, is vital in creating well rounded, confident and creative people. Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, which, when you think about it, is more true than ever before. To see how true it is, all you have to do is go onto the internet or download a new app to help you make something in your life easier. None of it would have been possible without imagination and creativity.

Children’s acting and drama classes has so many benefits, especially for kids who are still trying to find a place in the world and figure out who they are and what gifts they have to share. Not convinced? Here are 7 ways that theatre training and acting and drama classes are beneficial for kids.

1.   Sparks Imagination – Creating new ideas, updating old ideas and interpreting them into something new takes creative energy and imagination.

2.   Builds Focus – Reading scripts and plays and practising and performing them takes concentration and focus which transfers to all other areas of life, including school and sports.

3.   Improves Memory – In order to play a part, you need to know your lines. The process of learning the words and movements for the stage increase our ability to strengthen and use the memory muscle.

4.   Enhance Communication skills – Working with others increases both verbal and non verbal communication. When working on a play or show, you learn to to articulate and project your voice, as well as to listen and observe.

5.   Empathy – Whenever you play a part, you are, in a sense, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You take on their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and viewpoints which helps you to understand them and their situation more clearly.

6.   Have Fun – Part of the process of creating includes learning and trying out ideas which often leads to humour, and laughter.

7.   Builds Self Confidence – Learning lines, studying characters, practising and performing all help to build character and confidence. The student learns to trust their own instincts, ideas and abilities which they take to all aspects of their lives including school, jobs, relationships and challenges.

Theatre training, as well as all of the arts, encourages engagement and learning and has a positive impact on emotional, physical and social development. Kids who participate in theatre programs enjoy the many benefits it offers and will take those skills throughout their lives, making them more creative, confident and productive individuals. But the best part of getting involved in a theatre program is that you meet great people who have similar interests. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun.

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