Free Trial Speech and Drama Class

We have a free speech and drama class trial

Join us for a free speech and drama class this saturday, September 3rd!

We know how difficult it can be to choose an extra curricular activity, and more importantly, to know if your child will like it! That is why we are running a free trial speech and drama class for each of our age groups. Your child can try a class and you can sign up with the confidence that they will enjoy it for the term to come! There is no obligation to sign up for weekly classes and no payment details are needed. Just book your spot on eventbrite and turn up on the day!

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Who is the trial speech and drama class for?

This trial day is also suitable for new students who have signed up already! Come along and meet your tutors. Get a taste of whats to come over term 1! If you are not sure which course level will suit your child best, come to the trial day. Our tutors will know within a few minutes of meeting your child which speech and drama class they will thrive in.

A trial class is shorter than our weekly classes a it is a taster of what to expect. It is a great opportunity to settle children who are more apprehensive about starting new things. Come along and meet the staff to make the first day of term that little bit less scary. Often students find their first speech and drama class very daunting. They are in a new place, with new people, doing new things. Particularly for younger students, it can take a class or two to settle in. This trial class will help speed that process up so they can fully enjoy their term of speech and drama classes starting at the end of september.

Make new friends at this fun event and learn some new skills! We look forward to seeing you there!

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27th August 2022