Announcing our Halloween Camp for Kids in Ranelagh!

Calling all witches, wizards, goblins and ghouls to our spooky stories Hallowe’en Camp for children in Ranelagh!

Join us for Speech, Drama, Mime and Craft this mid term break where we will write our own scary stories, practice devilish pranks, and recite some spooky poems! Camps are open to existing students that attend our weekly classes, and new students!


Tuesday-Friday November 1st-4th
9am-1pm for Junior Infants-1st Class €130
9am-3pm for 2nd-6th Class €200
We listened to parent feeback from our summer courses and have made this mid term camp longer! Matching your child’s primary school hours, we hope that this will make pick up and drop off easier for your family.
We regret we can’t facilitate a camp in all of our venues this midterm but we hope you can travel to Ranelagh for what is sure to be a fantastic week!

What to expect?

Junior Infants – 1st Class
This group is for children in junior primary school. We will have lots of age appropriate spooky activities like a puppet show from the Grand High Wizard where every child will get to perform as their own made up silly monster. Our warm ups will help your child improve their speaking skills. We will be using Autumn themed exercises in relaxation, breathing and vocal strengthening. Every day will feature one hour of free play where the children can take the lead on what they would like to engage with including our big box of costumes and props! Don’t forget to pack a snack! We will be working up an appetite with our mime and movement exercises where we will act out some favourite children’s stories such as Room on a Broom.
2nd – 6th Class
This group is for children in senior primary school. This group will take on our camp favourite activity – a murder mystery event! This character based game will run across all 4 days where the children must use their improvisation, and detective skills, to work out who dunnit! As well as this, students will write their own spooky stories, explore the style of melodrama, and learn about how sound/music can help evoke emotion on stage and screen. Expect lots of props as we learn all about how special effects are done too!

How to book:

Book Halloween Camp for children in Junior Infants – 1st Class here: