Now Enrolling – Speech and Drama Classes – January 2024

We have children's speech and drama classes

At Betty Ann Norton Theatre School, we believe in the transformative power of theatre arts. Our speech and drama classes, available in Rathmines, Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire, and Castleknock, are designed to unlock your child’s potential, fostering confidence, clarity, and creativity.

Why Choose Our Speech and Drama Classes? Our children’s and teenagers’ classes offer a blend of speech training and dramatic arts, focusing on:

  • Clear Speech and Voice Training: Enhancing poetry speaking, storytelling, character voices, and reading aloud skills.
  • Dramatic Skills: Developing talents in group drama, script-work, mime, and improvisation.

Our Unique Approach Each session starts with a warm-up, followed by activities tailored to different age groups. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing a supportive and enjoyable learning environment.

This Term’s Highlights

  • Performance Opportunities: Students engage in solo and group performances, preparing for showcases, competitions, and exams.
  • Classes for All Ages: We cater to various age groups, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for children as young as 4, to teenagers and beyond.
  • Flexible Schedules and Locations: Our timetable is designed to accommodate busy families in multiple locations.

Spotlight on Classes for Ages 13+: Our older students can explore more advanced aspects of theatre arts. Classes for this age group are held on Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30 pm in Dun Laoghaire and Saturdays from 3-6 pm in Rathmines.

Connecting with the Community We’re more than a theatre school; we’re a community. Learn about our philosophy and commitment to nurturing young talent.

Join the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School family and watch your child’s talents blossom. Our approach is not just about teaching acting; it’s about building life skills that empower your child for the future.

Call to Action: Spaces are limited, and the curtain is about to rise on a new term. Enrol Now and secure a spot for your child in our acclaimed speech and drama classes!


Posted on

2nd January 2024