Speech and Drama Exams 2022

Earlier this month we sat our speech and drama exams with Trinity College London.

We were excited (and a little bit nervous…) to sit our first in person exams in over two years! With a lot of dedication, hard work and help from our amazing tutors (and the grown ups at home!), over 70 students sat their speech and drama exams from Trinity College London. Across three days, we had children and teenagers sitting exams from initial all the way up to and including grade 8 level.

The Exam

The material of each grade varies. Generally, students were tasked with preparing a poem, a monologue and discussing theory. Students from grade 2 onwards also read aloud selections of prose from their favourite stories. Those undertaking advanced grades had to perform sight reading of unseen texts! Grade 4 onwards chose an additional third text to perform. Students could choose between prose, verse, mime or a passage of reportage.


Results were in quickly which meant we got to spread the good news at our end of year recital ‘Mixed Bag’. Everyone had not only passed, but had done exceptionally well in their exams! The majority of our students received a distinction. This is the highest possible honour. Others narrowly missed out on the distinction but were praised for their excellent achievements by receiving a merit. These exams have a high standard and so all our students should be very proud of attaining their great marks. It can be disappointing not to receive a distinction but for those that missed out it this time, we will aim high again next year and with the help of our fantastic tutors, we are certain that we can attain those exceptionally high marks on our next grade!
A big thank you to our examiner Timothy McCarthy for travelling such a great distance and giving such detailed and considered feedback to all of our students.

Online Speech and Drama Exams 

Our online students are now preparing for their digital exams in speech and drama also from Trinity College London. These exams are recorded at home with unseen texts changing from week to week to ensure students can not prepare for unseen pieces in advance. The digital grades are a great option for our remote students as well as in-person students who wish to take the speech and drama exams at their own pace. This includes students who wish to undertake multiple examinations in one year at an expedited rate.
We are looking forward to next year’s exams with new poetry, prose and drama selections to enjoy.

Enroll for Speech and Drama Classes

If you would like to prepare for speech and drama exams, get in touch with us and find out which exam is right for you. We are now taking enquiries for our Autumn term of speech and drama classes. We have weekly classes in Rathmines, Dun Laoghaire and Taney (Dundrum).

Adult exams in Speech and Drama 

If you are an adult, you might consider a diploma in performance. You can find out more about our classes for adults here.
Speech and Drama Exams
Speech and Drama Exams for teens
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