Teen Communications and Speech


Teen Public Speaking Skills Training

The school places a huge emphasis on Public Speaking Skills Training (which used to be called Elocution) both for performance and everyday communication.

We are passionate about clear, expressive, speech & encourage students to speak well on all occasions. Work covers speaking in public, poetry, Play texts, grade examinations to final grades for Trinity Guildhall & Feis.

We introduce students to the great poets and dramatists, encouraging them to read their works. This insures that when students are obliged to study these writers for their state exams they will already be familiar with their works.

The aim of this class is to encourage fluent, expressive speech and to develop confidence and poise. Students are prepared for grade examinations in Speech and Drama for Trinity Guildhall to final level Grade 8 and may participate in Feiseanna. Students are introduced to a wide range of texts both classical and modern. They also study Theory of Speech and World Literature.

Class Ages: 13 to 19