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Following the passing of our founder and friend Betty Ann Norton, we will be continuing her excellent work of providing confidence, creativity, clear speech, and a lifelong love of acting and theatre to as many as possible. 

The Betty Ann Norton Collection Auction

Our late founder Betty Ann Norton who established the school in 1959 passed away in 2020

It was her wish that her estate be placed into trust to benefit the theatre school and ensure we can continue providing confidence, clear speech, and a lifelong love of the creative arts to as many as possible, for as long as possible.
There will be an auction of her personal items on April 6th via 48 hour online auction by O’Reilly’s Auction Rooms.

Registration Now Open for Summer 2022

Our Theatre School

With our extensive range of tutors, our theatre school has over 60 years’ experience teaching a wide range of acting and speech classes. We offer a variety of acting classes for beginners, children, teenagers and adults focusing on developing public speaking skills, and confidence and performance skills training. You are welcome to find out more about class options. If you wish to contact us, please call 086 3129033 or email theatreschool.bettyannnorton@gmail.com

During COVID 19 – we are still here

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