What We Offer


Over 50 years’ experience in teaching to highest standards. Experienced, dedicated tutors, many of whom are past pupils of the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School. Each student receives a private consultation with Betty Ann Norton.

Our Speech and Acting Classes

Our speech and acting classes range from acting foundation courses for beginners at Kindergarten level right through to Fellowship level. We offer preparation classes for diplomas in Acting and Speech and Drama Teaching and Acting. The curriculum covers public speaking training, drama, movement and mime,  voice,  singing,  stage design,  stage lighting design, make-up, directing, theatre studies, world literature, costume and set design, teacher training and film acting to camera.

Participation in our Productions

A minimum of 3 productions yearly.

Agency Work

Agency Service for all students for casting in Ireland free of charge. Contracts organised, chaperones arranged. We look after all your interests. A percentage of 10% may be charged on fees received by students.




Daisy & Nella Maguire in “Leaves” at the Royal Court Theatre, London