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Acting Classes Provide Children with More Than Just Fun

Children’s Acting Classes Dublin – Rathmines, Dun Laoghaire and Taney


Even if your child doesn’t dream of being an actor, you may still want to talk to them about taking children’s acting classes Dublin. That’s because these classes are not just for budding movie stars. In fact, there are a number of different ways that acting classes for kids are beneficial to young people.

Young Actors Learn to Be Adaptable

Acting classes teach kids to adapt to changing situations. This allows them to be less reactive when new things come up, and be more apt to accept change, both on stage and in life. This flexibility and adaptability are highly sought after skills in the working world, as well. This can give your kids an advantage on the stage, plus an advantage when it comes to getting a job when they get a little bit older.

Young Actors Gain Self-Confidence

Getting up in front of people and acting is not always easy, especially for children who are shy or uncertain of themselves. But doing it once can help them get past their stage fright. The more they act, the more confidence they will gain in themselves. They will see that acting is something they can conquer. This lesson can be applied to many different areas of life.

Acting Classes for Children Boost Public Speaking Skills

Speaking in public does not come naturally to some people. They may be so nervous they stumble over their words or completely forget them. Acting courses for kids can provide young people with the skills needed to overcome this challenge. Learning how to be a strong public speaker is a skill that is needed in a wide number of careers.

Acting Fosters Group Relationships

Actors are very rarely on stage alone, and even if they are, it takes a whole theatre crew to make the show come to life. Young actors learn how to work together to create a great show. Even those who aren’t team players will come to see how an acting troupe must work together in order to make the show a success.

Friendships Formed During Children’s Acting Classes Can Last Well Into Adulthood

When you decide to send your children to acting classes for kids, they are going to be surrounded by other kids around their same age. Those children, just like yours, are going to be unique. Each child is going to bring something new and wonderful to those youth theatre classes. The influence of each child is going to make every course taught different and amazing.

Youth Theatre Classes Expose Your Children to People with All Sorts of Backgrounds

One major thing that youth theatre classes can provide is diversity. The kids are going to be from all around Dublin and the surrounding boroughs and are going to have all types of backgrounds. This will help children be more compassionate and accepting of others, and give them the opportunity to form deep and lasting bonds with the people in those classes. The kids all have a love of acting in common, which can form a foundation for a friendship that extends beyond the classes.

If you want to give your kids these benefits and more, have them come in to the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School for some acting classes in Dublin!

Is Your Child Right for Acting?

Is your child a natural performer? Does she or he enjoy being the centre of attention? Then the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School Acting Classes for Kids is the perfect program for your child. It will teach them how to contain and direct their energy to give excellent performances, and introduce them to a world where their natural abilities are honed and focused and will allow them to express themselves in these theatre classes for kids in a way that they will feel fulfilled and successful.

If your child is shy, but still shows interest in the world of acting, then these acting classes in Dublin are perfect for them. They gently coax out the inner performer in the student, making them more self-confident and teaching skills that will be not only useful in an acting career, but in socialising, public speaking and their career. Training taught in the kids acting classes in Dublin will expose them to diversity, and help them to make life-long friends. Preparing your child for the life they may face is one of the best things you can do to help them succeed in life.

Life Lessons in Acting Classes for Kids

Our Kids’ acting classes opens the world to your child. With these acting classes for kids, your child will learn necessary life lessons which will allow them to function in real life as well as in the performing world. They will be taught how to work well with others, build strong relationships with fellow students, achieve self-confidence and learn to think on their feet. The Betty Ann Norton Theatre School Children’s Acting Classes Dublin are just the thing to help your child achieve a fulfilling life.

To enrol your child for our speech, acting & drama classes, contact the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School by clicking here